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Swift Service Delivery

We pride ourselves of swift service delivery ensuring that we address our clients’ requests within the service level agreement timeframe. During the process of reviewing an individual or organization to identify any potential threats, risks or concerns that may not be visible without further exploration we strictly adhere to the stipulations of the POPI Act of 2013. The verification process, which includes criminal, financial and commercial, qualification, social media, and other records, is preceded by obtaining the permission of the relevant person or entity through the completion of an indemnity form.

As an accredited AFISWITCH service provider,  we provide a fast and convenient electronic criminal enquiry check services to the private sector. Conventional paper-based systems take weeks or even months to provide a report whilst AFISwitch turnaround time averages 24 to 48 hours.

As an accredited MIE service provider, we provide, the full range of vetting solution as per the detail on our service page https://grvs.co.za/services/

We arrange appointments to be convenient for our clients and provide a mobile service where we can meet you at your business or an alternative agreed venue.

GRVS is the preferred outsourced verification partner to various organization such as schools, the motor industry , local Government, NPO’s, Sports clubs and organizations, Estates, Recruitment organizations and SMME’s

Give us the opportunity to W A S (WHAT AMAZING SERVICE) you.

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