Bank, Company & Credit Checks



TIME from receipt of request by GRVS

Bank Account Verification

Establish whether the companies bank account details are correct and valid and verifies the identity of an account holder against the account number supplied.

6 business hours

Bank Code

Company bank information investigated by the credit bureau on a company. A bank code is given for an amount specified.

4 business days

Combined Credit Check

Consumer credit check with all 4 bureaus XDS, TransUnion, Experian and Compuscan.

Comprehensive Consumer credit check with Experian

2 business hours

Compuscan Comprehensive

Consumer credit check with Compuscan.

2 business hours

Consumer Trace

Provides you with information as per the credit bureaus and includes:

 - Address history

 - Contact Numbers History and

 - Employment History.  

2 business hours

Experian Comprehensive

 Consumer credit check with Experian.

2 business hours

Experian Notice

Consumer credit check with Experian.

2 business hours


This verifies whether an individual is insolvent.

2 business hours

TransUnion Comprehensive

Consumer credit check with TransUnion.

2 business hours

TransUnion Notice

Consumer credit check with TransUnion.

2 business hours

XDS Comprehensive

Consumer credit check with XDS

2 business hours

BB-BEE Verification

BB-BEE verification is conducted on companies to verify and fully validate all details of a company's BB-BEE status.

6 business days

COID Verification (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases)

A COID check is conducted on a company to determine their compliance with the COID Act which aims to provide compensation for employees in the event of disablement or death resulting from occupational injuries or disease. companies will be alerted of expiry and prompted to update.

6 business days

Company Check

A company check is carried out on a company to determine whether the company is registered and is operating legitimately. The company check verifies:

-Company Registration Name

-Trade Name

-Company Registration Number

-VAT Registration Number


-Company Judgements/ Financial Information

-Telephone Numbers; and


2 business hours

Company Check - Enhanced

Various company information including:

-Business Information

-Registration Details

-VAT Information

-Business Adverse Information

-Deeds History

-Active and Archive Principal Details:

o Bank Codes

o Trade Investigated

o Court Records

o Defaults; and

o Trade history and Enquiry History

2 business hours

Company Check -


An investigative report which includes comprehensive company information on the following:

-Commercial Score

-  Bank Information

-  Company Information

-  Contact Information

-  BB-BEE Verification

-  ISO

-  Workmans Compensation

-  Company Structure

-  Company Fleet

-  Operational Assessment

-  Financial information

-  Adverse Information

-  Current and Previous Directors

-  Adverse Director Information; and

-Director Property and Business Interests.

6 business days

SARS VAT Registration

Confirmation that the VAT number is valid and issued to the company by SARS.

11 business hours

SARS Tax Clearance


Tax clearance certificates are verified and validated with SARS.

6 business days

Treasury Non-Preferred


Suppliers on the National Treasury list are precluded to do business within the public sector.

3 business days

Deeds Search South Africa

This search returns the details of properties currently and previously registered to an individual and or company.

2 business hours

World Check

A database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Sanctions and heightened risk organizations is used around the world to help to identify and manage financial, regulatory, and reputational risk.

3 business days

Commercial Fraud Check

A database detailing companies listed for fraudulent activity.

6 business days

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